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Crees; we want to honour them/ And they

They were a brave little band, these Crees; and
many of them are still living up in the Calling
ValleyŚnow Qu'appelle Valley of Saskatchewan.

During our wanderings in the summer we often
stopped at certain points on the prairies to hold a
week of sports and keep ourselves in condition.
Our tribe would do this about every two or three
weeks, and we children enjoyed the period of
recreation perhaps more than our elders; for now
we could play our games and practise our mimic

While our elders raced their horses, ran long-
distance races, and pitted their strength against
one another in wrestling, weight-lifting and
weight-throwing, we youngsters were given the
freedom of the entire prairies on which to carry
out our little games and our "fights'. Our
mothers never worried about us from morning till
night; we could go and come as we chose.

We knew the game of Indian warfare almost as
well as our fathers; for it was the Indian custom
for noted warriors to relate and re-enact all of their
famous battles at the Sun DanceŚand we boys
had memorized most of our famous tribal con-
flicts in every detaiL

Sometimes when we were camping in the neigh-
bourhood of one of our historic battles with the